Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you do boarding for both cats and dogs?

A: Yes we do boarding all year for cats and dogs as cat and some dog do not require training we can just mind them.

Q: Should I train my dog?

A: Yes all dog should have some type of training in their lives.

Q: Will my dog remember me when I pick him/her up?

A: Yes your dog has unconditional love for you and will never forget you.

Q: What is a good age to start training my dog for Obedience?

A: You should start training your puppy dog at the age of 4 months old we can also train older dogs.

Q: What Vaccination does my puppy dog need?

A: Your puppy dog needs to be fully vaccinated with a C5 Vaccination injection form.

Q: Does my dog have to stay at the Sydney dog Training Centre?

A: Yes your dog does need to stay at the Sydney dog training centre. For the package 2 week 3 week 4 week on lead programs.

Q: Do you have 1 to 1 private lessons?

A: Yes we have different training programs to suit you and your dog’s needs.From Obedience up to Guard dog training personal protection training programs.

Q: Dose my dog need to do a temperament test before Guard DogTraining?

A: Yes all dogs can be trained for Obedience. For guard dog training your dog must pass a temperament test this test is done with you in front of you.

Q: What age is the temperamen test done?

A: At the age of 12 months old and on woods depends on your breed of dog.

Q: Do you train all kinds of breeds?

A: Yes we train all breeds Small dog to large dogs.

Q: Will my dog forget the training you have done?

A: No your dog will not forget his/her training as long as you keep it up every day which you will be doing as it will be a pleasure to take them for a walk now after the training they have had and they will love you for it.

Q: How can I book in my cat or dog for training or boarding?

A: You go to bookings and prices list page and tick the program box you require you may need to place a 20% deposit to confirm your dogs program or cats stay. See you there or you just pick up the phone and call us 9606 2005 please note we are open by appointment only.