Dogs For Sale

Dogs For Sale

We breed quality purebreed dogs We Also have trained Guard Dogs for sale

Don't Blame Them Train Them and Get an Amazing Results for all breeds of dogs

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when choosing a specific dog breed it is important to take in the consideration best dog breeds that suits your family and your purpose.

As different dog breeds have very outgoing temperaments and can be full of active ability’s. This can be over whelming for some and perfect for overs some dog training will help with controlling your dog’s behaviour

Good watch dogs guard dog we recommend

German Shepherd dogs

Starting with a puppy dog can benefit your whole family especially if you have young children its safe and your kids will grow up with the puppy dog 

the german shepherd dog is loyal good working dog Alert obedient confident temperment

Rottweiler breed

This dog breed can be very loyal to family and loves children very good guard dogs when trained and powerful in appearance

Doberman Pincher

This dog breed is a one man dog breed very aloof and active fearless breed can be dominant and responds well to dog training top guard dog traits

Staffordshire bull terrier 

A well-structured dog breed   super active strong fearless can be good guard dogs need lots of attention with dog training loyal dogs

We will help you and make sure that you know How to handle a trained Dog!

It is crucial to not put the facts on the side while selecting a trained dog. If you do not know the easy ways to train a dog then it is better for you to bring your dog to us for some professional dog training first, or simply buy a trained dog for your great purpoes.

It is best to choose a professional company that provides and has different experiences with all breeds of dog for sale, We make sure that the specialists dog training handlest arranges some dog training session at the sydney Dog Training Centre In short ,these considerations can lead you towards the right decission when buying a trained dog or puppy from us 

All  dogs we advertise on our web site are trained for specific dog training thay will listen to your each command and are ready to protect your property and family.

And with puppys they are breed for high leves of inteligence and working abilities for the future.

All puppys and dogs are sold with full vet health check up to date current vaccination and we transfer the microchiping registration to you.

All dogs and puppys are respected and treated with lots of affection so when they come to there new home  and there is no chance to revert back   

Click on each dog photo below to view description and pricing on each dog or puppy available if your interested in any of my pets please call we are so happy to help you with you Enquire now all today on 96062005