Dog Training Obedience Specialist

Dog Training Obedience Specialist

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Dog Training Obedience

Sydney Dog Training Centre offers best Dog Obedience Training program in Sydney.

Dog Training Obedience Sydney-Sydney Dog Training Centre

Dog Training Obedience is the first initial step to a very well behaved dog, all breed types of dogs can be trained for Obedience training. The best age to begin your pets training  is at 4 Months old and onwards.

We can also train dogs that  are older in age And dogs that have had no dog training  at all

This dog obedience training will enable you to have a total control over your dogs behaviour. We will achieve remarkable results for yourself and your pet dog and provide the basis for you to continue and extend your own dog training as further advancement at home. Additionally this obedience dog training for dogs will enable you to proceed with confidents with this particular dog training system at home. Our goal is to make your pet dog as confident as it can possibly be making sure that your pet dog builds up full control and a long life passion to function as a pet or working dog for you and your family. 

Dog Training Obedience Skills inspires confidence and outsmarts the difficulties and challengers  that are certain to come along for best outcome. Never utilize physical punishment or philosophy on your pets. Dog Training Obedience  is not about controlling your dog as a machine your dog is a thinking ,feeling being that needs to be motivated to comply with your each commands by two methods i.e willingness to follow you as the established Leader.

Also Reward your pet dogs with an upbeat commend voice, an adoring touch of your hand and an occasional treat and lots of praise to get a positive achievement this is what Sydney Dog training Centre works with on your dogs /puppy.


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The Sydney dog training centre provides 4 Levels of Dog Training Obedience  Courses for your dogs:

All these Dog Training Obedience programs are held at our facility for your convenience throughout the duration of your selected course each dog will participate daily. Each dogs will take part each day in a set of tasks which you have chosen for your dogs which lasts for up to 20 minutes 3 times a day. After each Dog Obedience Training  your will have socialization dog training, play time and afterward rest time. All the dog training programs have an existence dogs lift time Guarantee. You and your pet dog can return to us if you are having any trouble in controlling him/her at no extra cost to you.

All dog owners will be given a free lesson on the best way to control there dogs on departure, this lesson will enable you to effectively and confidently take charge of your dogs behaviour. This lesson will help you learn how to reinforce your dogs training at home and encouraging good puppy dog behaviour and strengthen, Reinfocing your dog training program at home or at the dog park.

Over the course of our dog training career it has become apparent that particular dreeds of dogs will require longer time learn and establish wanted behavioural traits this has prompted us to design the four different programs of various lengths each one specifically designed to complement particular dog breeds and their needs. Our primary focus is to ensure that your dog leaves us with sound Obedience training.

With the variatioins in temperaments , behavioural issues and stubbornness of different dreeds we may need longer time frames to achieve the desired results.

FOR clarification or our professional recommendations on the coures which is the best suited to your individual dog breeds and in which program is suited please call us . We are only too happy to help with your enquiry

Dog Training is of your choice regarding in which level your puppy requires. There are 4 levels you can ,pick from  each level shifts in price.


 4 Levels of Dog Training Obedience Courses:

1st level 2 week on lead Obedience program

2nd level 3 week on lead Obedience program (most popular)

3rd level 4 week on lead Obedience program (most popular)

4th level 8 week on lead and off lead Obedience program this program is subject to test

Sydney dog training centre also provides a 5 week one on one private lessons with you and your dog and privet trainer at the sydney dog training centre 

We offer a Refresher 1 week on lead dog training program for dog that have had been trained by us prier (only with the same owner)

To learn more about the cost of each programs go to Bookings and Price List page