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Don't Blame Them Train Them and Get an Amazing Results for all breeds of dogs

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Don t Blame Them Train Them and Get an Amazing Results for all breeds of dogs

Call US Today : 02 9606 2005


Disclaimer for all pages On This web site

Please note: Prior to our Master Handlers working with your dog(s) they must be fully vaccinated with a current C5 and certificate must be sighted by your vet. After your dog has been trained by the Sydney dog training centre it is your responsibity to have control of your dog and to keep up the dog training. if your dog is dangerous you must keep your dog on the lead at all time and muzzled. We do not take any responsibity if your dog bites anyone or animal . We do not dock puppies tails when mating to your bitch from our stud dogs we do not take any responsibility if you dock your puppies tails. All puppies and Adult dogs have been vet checked wormed & vaccinated . NOTE ages of dogs for sale are listed on the time that the photos are taken. The ages of the dogs do change as the month pass prices on dogs are [asis]. Dogs are priced on ability not age.

Please note some dogs may need slip safety check chain or collars to be in control and work also all dog training programs are trained on lead . A 20% Booking fee is taken when booking your animal in to the Sydney Dog Training Centre if you Cancel your booking the 20% will be held as a Cancellation Fee. Appointments are to be attended on time if you do not make your appointment time you could loose your appointment and you would need to re- schedule for an another time and or day.also closed shoes are requied to enter the sydney dog training centre at all times

please note: that video and photos will be take by members of sdtc for records and this belongs to sdtc use only

please note: no photos or videos alowed to be taked at any time at the sdtc by customers or friends

please note: that these items we offer are at an extra cost*

please note: that if your running late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook to an other day this is an extra cost to you.

If your dog stays longer you will be Charged the daily Boarding cost per day per size of dog.

If your rude to any staff or member of sdtc you will be asked to leave the inclosed land and my be prosecuted under the act  

Please note a 10% holiday surcharge applys during December and January

Please note: We are open by appointment only

Condition of Entery to sydney dog training centre 

  1. our opperating hours are by appointment only
  2. All customers must were closed shoes 
  3. All mobiles and cameras must be turned off and no photos or videos are to be        taken
  4. Appointment time must be on time .if you are late your appointment time will be rescheduled to another time or even another day and any extra costs will         be on you 
  5. All Dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 ( Kennel Cough and Cats With a F3)
  6. if Any person is Rude or shows any Aggressive Behaviour towords any of our staff you will be arsked to leave the centre 
  7. All Money is to be paid upfront before any dog training lesson or cat /dog is to leave the sydney dog training center
  8. Whilst your dog is in a training program you are not allowed to visit your dogs as it interups his /her training 
  9. All Dogs Must beon their leads at all times and cats in a carry cage 
  10. All customers must listen to the trainers instruction on how to control their dogs 
  11. No Smoking on this land