Parrot Boarding

Parrot Boarding

parrot minding when your away on holidays

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Sydney Dog Training Centre offers Parrot Boarding and Training programs for all kinds of parrots.

Parrot Boarding Services while your parrot is with us or being trained or while you are on vacations.

Our parrot boarding is completely, secure and clean with lots of flying space for your pet parrot to play and rest.

We have video surveillance in and around there sleeping lots to monitor free play flying and play time and exercises 24x7.

While your parrot is remaining here with us, we do provide parrot Training/Exercise, bathing sessions, massage therapy and Grooming and mite treatment Rinse, and washing and drying your pets parrots. Note all parrots must be completely health before entering our parrot boarding facility.

We keep your pets parrots entertained with exciting activities.

Your parrots will participate in lots of events which takes place every day at our facility. Please ask us about the extra activity costs your pets parrot will enjoy below

Regular play sessions

  • Parrot Agility
  • playtime
  • Bathing
  • Massage
  • Sprinklers
  • 24/7  Security Monitoring of all quarters and lots
  • High Quality and nutritious cuisine meals 
  • hand rearing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The flight are clean and Hygienic we clean the flight two time a day and we have a vet that come to the sydney dog training centre on call 24 /7 

We are located in the metropolitan area of Sydney, which provides convenience to every one in need. We are the nearest dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery facilities to the CBD ,Sydney. At Leppington (15 minutes) past Liverpool. We also provide a Pick-Up & Delivery service for your convenience. or you can bring your pets to the dog boarding Kennels at Sydney Dog Training Centre.

Call us today for more details visits are by Appointment Only. 96062005 

We are located in the metropolitan region of Sydney. One of the best advantage is that we are the closest Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery facility closet to the CBD ,Sydney. At Leppington (15 minutes) past Liverpool.

We also have a Pick-Up and Delivery service to your home door for your convenience. or you can bring in your pets parrot to us at the  Sydney Dog Training Centre.

Call us today on  96062005 for booking  details. all visiting is  By Appointment Only.