We work to build your pets Confidence

We work to build your pets Confidence

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We recognize and advocate proper dog training which starts with the basics as a necessity in today’s society for your dog to comfortably co-exist and live in built up suburban areas. Language is no barrier in the training of your dog. We can teach general commands and specialist commands in any language.

Our Obedience dog training programs begin with puppies from 4 months /16 week of age and onward. Typically people assume that dog training is specific to working breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Labradors or the farm dogs such as cattle or border collier breeds. We believe that every family and every dog regardless of its origins or breed can benefit from obedience training. All our lessons begin with on lead work and progress to off lead work as the dog itself shows advancement. The techniques we utilize are as efficient that we are able to train deaf dogs through the use of hand signals and body movement to communicate.

The first step to a well behaved dog which will fit in with society and your family is basic obedience which starts with the teaching of heel, sit drop, stay and most importantly come. Every dog needs to understand its place in the family pack and you need to be assured that you have control of your pet s behavior. We offer innovative solutions to overcome even the most unruly canine providing your dog more confidence in knowing. Its place and what is expected of your dog.

Once your dog has graduated from basic dog obedience training to a level with which we are satisfied and your dog understanding and respond to each commands every time we will schedule a change over training session with you and your dog this will help you learn all the basic steps on how to control your pet this can take up to an hour in duration to ensure that you understand the cues, signals and verbal commands enabling you to take control of your canine. This training period provides you with the necessary tools and confidence to reinforce the dog training which has been imprinted buy us allowing you and your pet to move forward to a more positive note as a working team.

We will educate you and show you how to modified control your dog's behavior in public, at home or in the park. The intense dog training program we offer will benefit both parties in the dog, human relationship helping you to reach amazing results as a team. Additionally, you will have the tools to identify, overcome and control your pet's behavior for the life time of your dog.

We also offer a very popular road prevention dog training program where your dog will learn basic road dog training tips and skills. Other additional programs include a fitness and confidence building platform with our agility dog training program. in this program your dog will gain confidence as they learn to play free of nervous ,anxious, aggressive, shy or fearful behavior.

our programs also provide positive results for families who have acquired a dog which has been deadly mistreated and is showing signs of nervous and of fearful behavior or has previously had dad dog training. Through the methods and techniques we use we are able to identify the root causes of these behaviors and using positive reinforcements with a firm voice will alter your dogs behavior this will provide you with a loving and well trained companion for many years of enjoyment.

For all your dog training questions and canine answers call the experts at Sydney dog training centre today on 96062005 we are open 7 days a week look forward in meeting you. Call us 96062005