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 Obedience Dog Training

Obedience Dog Training

Join our 3 week most popular training program and get results

Don't Blame Them Train Them and Get an Amazing Results for all breeds of dogs

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Dog Training Centre Sydney,Dog Boarding Sydney,Cat Boarding Sydney,Dog Training Courses

Obedience Dog Training is the first step to a well behaved dog, all breeds of dogs can be trained for Obedience. The best age to start your dog training is at 4 Months or 16 weeks old and onwards, We can also train dogs that are older. This dog training will allow you to have total control over your dog. We will achieve Amazing result for yourself and your dog also this dog training program will allow you to continue your own dog training on your own time at home or at a park . Our objective is to make your dog as confident as it can possibly be and to establish in your dog full control and a long life passion to work as a pet or working dog for you and your family.

Dog Training Obedience Skills inspire confidence and outsmarting the challenges that are sure to come along for best result Never use physical punishment .Obedience dog training is not about controlling your dog as you would a machine your dog is a thinking ,feeling being that needs to be motivated to comply with your each commands by two things willingness to follow you as the established LEADER, Also Reward with praise a happy voice the loving touch of your hand and occasional treat and lost of movement to get success. 

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Dog Training Centre Sydney,Dog Boarding Sydney,Cat Boarding Sydney,Dog Training Courses

The Sydney dog training centre provides 4 Levels of Obedience Dog Training Courses for your dogs:

All these dog training Courses are held at our facilities. Each dog well participate every day a set task each task well take 20 minutes 3 times a day to complete the dog training program that you have chosen for your dog. After each dog training lesson your dog will have socialization dog training, play time and then rest time. All the dog training programs have a life time Guarantee. You and your dog can come back to us if you are having any difficulty in controlling him/her at no cost to you.

All owners will be given a free lesson on how to control there dogs on departure, this lesson will help you learn how to reinforce this dog training at home. Dog Training is of your chose in which level your dog requires. there is 4 levels you can choose from, each level varies in price. The training Programs vary in levels needed due to some Breeds that need a longer duration of training programs.

Dog Training Centre Sydney,Dog Boarding Sydney,Cat Boarding Sydney,Dog Training Courses

4 Levels of Obedience Dog Training Courses

1st level 2 week on lead Obedience program

2nd level 3 week on lead Obedience program (most popular)

3rd level 4 week on lead Obedience program (most popular)

4th level 8 week on lead and off lead Obedience program this program is subject to test

Sydney dog training centre also provides a 5 week one on one private lessons with you and the trainer

To learn more about the cost of each programs go to Bookings and Price List page