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Welcome to the heart of all Dog training solution. Here at Sydney Dog Training Centre Our professional dog training specialist and Staff will provide you with Amazing results. For over 25 years we have been providing the public an international range of top quality dog training programs in Australia & Overseas . All of these dog training programs can be taught in any language to your dog, on lead and on and off lead .Our Obedience dog training programs start at the age of 4 months /16 week  of age and are available for all breeds of dogs. starting with cross breed dogs., Labradors ,Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Beagles, Maltese, German shepherds, Rottweilers, toy dog, pugs, lap dogs and more. Our dog training techniques can even be used to train deaf dogs using hand signals and body movement..The first steps to a well behaved happy puppy or adult dog is Obedience dog training, every dog should have some type of Obedience dog training in there life. As this training will allow you to be in control of your pets Behaviour . We offer you a solution were your dog will responded to this Obedience dog training very well. After the dog training program is complete you and your dog will be taken through a step by step lesson. The lesson will help you understand how to reinforce your dogs behaviour.The lesson my take up to 1 hour this will help you establish positive leadership under distraction and you and your dog will work like a team.

We can help you and teach you how to modify and control your dogs Behaviour in public or at home or in the park. This dog training program we offer you will help you and your dog reach amazing results. And also help you control your dogs behaviour for the life time of your dog . Also we provide a Road prevention dog training programs were your dog will learn basic road dog training Tips and skills. We also provide a fitness and confidence building programs with our Agility dog training programs. All our dog training programs will teach your dog to be confident and playful, free from being nervous, anxiety, aggressive, shy and fearful. We also provide a special Guard dog / family protection dog training programs these programs will allow your dog to protect you and your property assist with Security Work and Law Enforcement Work.


We can help you with when your dog has been trained the wrong way the first time or badly treated and nervous our dog training programs will assist your dog to be a better dog to have around you CALL US TODAY for a better dog training program the first time round ph 02:96062005 Open 7 days. We love to work with our new customers and there pets



  • Dog Training specialist
  • Behaviour modification
  • Dealing with fear /anxiety and aggression
  • Expert pet handle and Catcher
  • Cat and Dog Boarding all year round
  • Obedience Dog Training /Guard Dogs &personal Protection Dog Training Specialist
  • Security / Law Enforcement
  • Demonstration ,TV & Film work and magazine photo shoots
  • Home Grooming Service or on site grooming Service
  • Dog Swimming /Bush walking /Daily Exercise
  • Pick up and delivery pet taxi service door to door
  • Air port pick ups and drop offs
  • Trained Adult dogs for sale
  • Agility dog training programs to suit your dogs
  • We train all breeds of dogs Large or small dogs lap dogs
  • Home lessons are available on request
  • Free lesson after completing the program on departure & for an extra fee of $ 10 Certificate of Completion
  • New Pet Parrot Minding
  • We service all areas of Sydney such as Liverpool ,Parramatta, Bankstown, city, CBD , Hornsby, Cronulla, Sutherland, Wollongong ,Penrith, Winsor, St Marys,    Eastern Subbers   Blacktown  just to name a few areas we also service interstate areas like Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne ,Queensland, lots of dogs coming to Sydney dog training centre from all over Sydney Australia to have there pets trained here by us at the Sydney dog training centre  To learn more about the cost of each programs go to  bookings and price list page
  • Dog boarding sydney
    Dog Boarding
    Sydney Dog Boarding
    Dog boarding sydney
    Dog Boarding
    Sydney Dog Boarding
  • Sydney Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding


  • Dog Boarding Sydney
  • Dog Boarding
  • Sydney Dog Boarding
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