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Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

We breed purebreed working dogs

Don't Blame Them Train Them and Get an Amazing Results for all breeds of dogs

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We breed working dog lines

It is a widespread belief that the domestic dog is a direct descendant from the wolf, jackal, fox, and coyote. The Modern day dog is the direct result of peoples' selective breeding between the above canine lines. The dogs we breed and handle are all working dog lines.

We Cater for Security Teams, Protection Groups, Car yards, Business, Executive, Family Home Protection, Army and Crowd Control. Sound temperaments in pups and adult dogs is what we produce and we breed good German Shepherds and Rottweillers for work

Things that distinguish a Breed/Type of Dog are:

  • Ancestry: descended from one particular foundation group of dogs
  • Purpose: such as hunting, herding, guarding, companionship
  • Standard: such as size, color, build, and appearance & dogs hips and elbows are healthily
  • When we breed the dog we look for substance balance & color strength and temperament to work as a working dog or pet. We are not fused if the dog has a tail or not as the tail helps balance the dog out

At Sydney Dog Training Centre We take the effort to assess you with what type of Dog would best fit your requirements, for example male or a female? Should you buy a puppy or adult dog trained or with a short coat or a long coat? How much room do you have at your present location for your puppy to exercise?

Dog Breeding - Sydney Dog Training Centre

Sydney Dog Training provides Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels,Dog Training Courses,Pets Training Services in Sydney while your dog is being Trained or while you are on Holidays. Call us (02) 9606 2005 Mob: 0419 018 445 or 0419 294 662