About Our Head Instructor

About Our Head Instructor


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John's love and passion for dogs has taken him all over the world. He has extensively trained and learned about dog sociology and behaviorism in countries such as Greece in the Greek Army, Germany and America.

In these regions he has spent his time learning and completing a Special Dog Handlers course in different levels of Dog Obedience Training ,Dog Agility Training , Personal protection Dogs Training Schutzhund Dog Training sport, French ring sport Dog Training. He is the highest level dog trainer in Australia. John has also trained 20 potentional dog training handles this year

John's special dog training techniques have made him a well sought out dog trainer for Television, Radio and Magazines photo shoots. John along with his family which include his dogs have been on popular TV shows like Channel Sevens' All Saints, ABCs' Double The Fist, Sony promotion team & sound recording for film.

He has also been a guest speaker on the radio station 2GB. He has been on the Kyle and jackie O show His dogs have been in many popular magazines with a shoot in Harpers Bazaar Magazines. Sydney his most recent project.

John's love for dogs has taken him to a higher level off compassion for dogs Winning best in Spring Fair show ,then best in Spring Fair all breeds show also 2007 Best dog trainer of the year over seas, He rescues dogs from pounds that can not find homes in time and retrains them and them re-home them. John also participates in raising money for homeless dogs and enters himself into helping dog rescue homes. John has taken him self to events like million mile paws walk every year.

John is awesome to talk to about dog

  • John just won the 2007 European Dog handling and Agitation Award first place over 200 competitors 4 day comp.
  • We Love working with your pet dogs and they love working with us At Sydney Dog Training Centre.
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  • FOR OBEDIENCE , PROBLEM SOLVING, Behaviour modification, Dealing with fear / anxiety and aggression and over excitement in your dogs.
  • SECURITY GUARD WORK and Law Enforcement Work.
  • Radio work.
  • Distraction training.